List of 15mm sci-fi miniature stores

I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching and rooting out the various suppliers of 15mm scale sci-fi miniatures, mainly in the UK and US. This is as near to an exhaustive list as I can provide. I will add comments on each site over time and probably put up some reviews of products I’ve purchased (though I haven’t bought from all of these sites by any means).

The comments about each range are of course just my opinion. Please form your own by visiting these excellent sites!

It’s worth noting of course that 15mm scale varies somewhat between sculptors. It’s supposed to mean an average human is 15mm from toes to eyes, but what is considered average varies and some sculptors go with a more ‘heroic’ or exaggerated style. For this reason I generally prefer alien ranges, especially as I intend to use my 15mm miniatures for 12mm scale (1/144 to be precise) gaming in Heavy Gear Blitz, where 15mm humans would look extremely strange!

Based in the UK


15mm Skirmish Supplies

This is a storefront rather than a maker of 15mm sci-fi but they have a nice little selection from various other makers like Alternative Armies, Pendraken, Ral Partha Europe, Blue Moon, Laserburn, and Ground Zero. Just infantry really, no vehicles, though they have some nice sci-fi terrain too.

Alternative Armies

This is the parent site of which was originally separated out on its own domain but is now transferred back to a single collected site. The range is extremely large and varied, with human and alien figures and plenty of vehicles. Their models, particularly those of Loud Ninja, are what got me interested in 15mm sci-fi to begin with. I’ve ordered quite a few things from them and never been disappointed. Definitely a must-visit site.

Armies Army

A large range of near future communist bloc inspired human infantry and vehicles, including many APCs and specialised wheeled vehicles and a VTOL. The sci fi part of the  range recently moved to The Scene, and that’s where the above link will take you.

Atenocitis Workshop

A small range of very clean looking futuristic ground vehicles including a Nolan Batmobile style ADV, and a Shirow inspired spider mech. Atenocitis used to have quite a large 15mm range and it’s very cool to see it being built back up.

Black Hat Miniatures

The Martin Empires line, referred to as 18mm scale, are nonetheless in line with some 15mm miniatures. They are a combination of Victorian tech, steampunk, Burroughs inspired martians, and Wells inspired cephalopods.

Blue Moon Manufacturing at Old Glory UK

A good range of slightly old fashioned but very characterful figures, and some clean, sharp looking hovertanks and bipedal walker mechs. Quite a bit of the stock isn’t available currently.

Boon Town Metals

A nice range of sci-fi infantry, especially Dwarf and Goblinoid themed ones. The Warp Renegades selection could also make some good mutants or otherworldly cultists. Has a small selection of vehicles too. I think if you want to proxy some 40k Squat at 15mm this would be an especially good port of call.

Brigade Models

A very impressive and very large range of future human forces based on current earth nations; both infantry and vehicles. Mostly APCs and tanks with one or two combat walkers. They also have some excellent terrain and accessories. They also have some ewok style little furry alien natives. Overall an excellent and very well regarded supplier in the community – definitely check them out.

Also worth noting that Brigade now own the official and very popular Hammer’s Slammers range, previously at Ainsty Castings.

CP Models

A small range of retro/Dr Who aliens, space dwarfs, sci-fi greenskins and cool non-humanoid aliens.

Critical Mass Games at Ral Partha Europe

Definitely one of the big ones, CMG has four forces (one human, three very much alien) with many vehicles and figures for each. The Arc Fleet are rather Halo inspired and have some excellent grav vehicles and mechs, plus powered armour. The Protolene are wolfmen essentially with their own style of mechs in two and four legged forms. The Kaamados have a variety of alien species as troops and quite a few battlesuits and vehicles. The Praesentia have sleek hover tanks, automatons, and religious warriors. Then CMG also has a range of varied merc figures including a large range of vehicles and mechs, and a mech workshop where you can customise your own large mecha. Highly, highly recommended. Definitely visit this one.

Sadly Critical Mass Games are no longer trading. Their entire range has been purchased by Ral Partha Europe and most of it is now available there. I have updated the link above to reflect this. Hurray for RPE stepping in to save the range.


A small selection of dropships and large carrier craft and a series of tanks with the same hull but differing turrets. Also quite a lot of terrain.

DRS Models

A decent little selection of tanks including some hovertanks. These are 3d printed to order so take a little more time than usual to deliver, but feature some interesting Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander style designs.

Eureka Miniatures at Fighting 15s

A small selection of sci-fi or possibly weird WW2 infantry. Most notably some sci-fi German stormtroopers.

Evil Bear Wargames

Only a couple of products in 15mm scale currently, but their hardsuits in particular are very cool near future powered armour.

Ground Zero Games (GZG)

A very well regarded company with a genuinely massive range of alien and human sci-fi infantry, vehicles, and mechs. Some of the range is a little long in the tooth, but there’s so much available that its hard to complain. This is one of the big ones. GZG is particularly well regarded in terms of customer service and delivery speed – I’ve bought them myself and would highly recommend them. Another must-visit site.

Kore Aeronautics

A newly opened store selling some 15mm street cars and a nifty looking dropship, as well as products in a variety of other scales.

The Ion Age

While it has taken me a long time to get around to writing this description, let me start off by saying I absolutely love this range. It’s a huge and varied baroque sci-fi range of space knights (which would make fairly good 40k space marine proxies in a pinch) and their alien enemies, in a setting with a lot of cool backstory. The designer is extremely friendly and engaged with the 15mm sci-fi community and there is just a lot of soul and character in all the miniatures. The infantry are great and there is a growing selection of unique looking vehicles, mechs, doomwheel style tanks, and alien beasts too. Highly recommended!

Irregular Miniatures

An old school business (you have to email them a list of what you want to purchase rather than using a shopping cat) with old school style miniatures. They have a decent range of infantry, aliens, robots, and hover vehicles which have a lot of charm and character. The reptilians and other beastpeople in particular are rather nice.

MJ Figures

Offers the ‘Spice’ range, which appear to be Dune inspired. A reasonable selection of single figures. They also have some modern forces including a Hind which could work in a sci-fi setting.

Oddzial Osmy at Fighting 15s

The Oddzial Osmy range is a nice selection of near future and sci fi human troops, with a smattering of undead. The pick of the bunch are the Hussari, armoured futuristic Hussar infantry that look very distinctive. Fighting 15s stock the range along with the Eureka miniature range (see above).

Oddzial Osmy at Magister Militum

The same Oddzial Osmy range is available at Magister Militum. I am a huge fan of Magister Militum generally – they do some excellent dinosaurs which would fit nicely in 15mm armies too. Worth having a look around their site.

Peter Pig

Best known for their excellent historical minis, Peter Pig also does a very small selection of Aliens in their Fantasy category. They look like they’re Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired Martians for the most part.

Ral Partha Europe

A small selection of insectoid Spug troopers and a power armoured humanoid. They also now own the Critical Mass range (see above) which is HIGHLY recommended as excellent quality 15mm sci fi. Nearly the entire CMG range is available there.

The Scene

A decent selection of figures with some recognisably influenced by Men in Black, the army guys from Predator, various aliens, some robots including those that look like 40k Necrons/Terminators. They also host the sci fi parts of the former Armies Army range (see above).

SLAP Miniatures

Currently have Space Knights, which have a sort of 40k Space Marine vibe to them but look more feudal and Global Defense Forces, who are more similar to the 40k Imperial Guard aka Astra Militarum. They also have 40k style sci-fi Ork/Orc infantry which are wonderfully characterful and come highly recommended.

Total System Scenic / QRF Miniatures

In terms of figures they have miniatures influenced by Aliens, Colonial Marines, and Predators. For vehicles they have some near future APCs and IFVs.

Vanguard Miniatures

These guys have an excellent reputation as suppliers of 6mm sci-fi, but they also host a growing 15mm range. Firstly the Defeat in Detail range which has Skinnerz (space greenskins!) and Tusculum Nova (space marines! Winter imperial guard!) plus some very cool tyranid/bug style aliens under the name Entomorphs. Secondly the Onslaught range which has a Judge Dredd/Adeptus Arbites style group of peacekeepers, a Mordian Iron Guard/Dress Marine style group of troopers, some aztec themed space lizardmen, and Adeptus Sororitas style warrior nun space marines.

White Dragon Miniatures

A smallish range of near future human soldiers, powered armour, tanks, and some very detailed mechs. The mechs in particular are very impressive looking and there’s a mule style quadruped mech to support the infantry and give them cover. I purchased a Fiddler configuration mech from here and it’s one of the nicest resin 15mm mechs I’ve ever seen.


Based in the US

ACP Games

An impressive selection of humanoid troopers, 25mm tall mechs/powered armour (the Valkyrie series), an interesting alien faction and some really nice hovertanks. The only problem is their store is currently down, however they can be contacted through facebook with specific orders, which is what I recently did to purchase a bunch of Valkyrie mechs. Hope they get their store back up soon.

Ambush Alley Games

Home to the Tomorrow’s War series, which if you’re in the UK you can find on GZG. Mostly human future earth infantry, some in hardsuits or powered armour, with one alien faction. No vehicles.

Blue Moon Manufacturing

A very impressive range of figures and vehicles, with many different alien archetypes represented. The general feel is old school sci-fi. There are alien humanoids on riding beasts, feral creatures, doglike soldiers, humanoids in powered armoured etc. The vehicles include many grav tanks and some walkers. This is quite an overlooked range considering its size and variety. Would definitely give it a browse.

Bombshell Miniatures

A very small range – only four 15mm sci fi women, but the quality looks good.

ClearHorizon Miniatures

A large, varied, and generally wonderful range of futuristic humans in a variety of armours (including some powered), plus a diverse selection of impressive vehicles including police interceptors, mechs, dropships, and gunships. They also have some bug style aliens very reminiscent of the gribblies from Starship Troopers, robotic dogs, and quadrupedal mechs, plus a huge super heavy tank. Overall one of the most stylish ranges and definitely worth checking out.

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures at Image Replicas

A nice little range of weird world war 2 miniatures – I think they’re actually Konflikt ’47 minis scaled down to 15mm. Could work nicely for any low tech/crude mech setting though.

Conflict Horizon Miniatures

A small but slowly growing selection of mechs which are reminiscent of the one man Japanese style of Real Robot, or the Heavy Gears of Dream Pod 9. I’ve ordered from them and was very happy with the quality and service overall – the Eridian Concordat models in particular are very stylish. Well worth a look.

Darkest Star Games

A wonderful and characterful selection of infantry and vehicles in 15mm including some very distinctive retro designs, but they are best known for their Spec Sec range of anime inspired cars, military vehicles, figures, and Shirow Masmune style mechs. These mechs are particularly nice and I couldn’t help but buy a few myself.

DLD Productions

A fairly large selection of human and alien vehicles with a nice solid look to them, cast in resin. Includes a dropship and some interesting soviet styled sci-fi tanks for people building a futuristic red army.

Gamecraft Miniatures

In terms of 15mm sci-fi they only have terrain, but they do have a wide selection, much of it designed for use in more realistic near future scenarios like Tomorrow’s War. They have interlocking road sections and a general focus on urban warfare and buildings.

Highlander Studios Inc.

The site is currently not working, so I have disabled the link. Will review in the future.

Hydra Miniatures

Have the Akarr, Egyptian style aliens, available in their Xeno 15mm range. Small selection but a unique look. No vehicles as yet.

Khurasan Miniatures

This is another of the really big ones. They have a HUGE selection of iconic 15mm minis separated across multiple ranges. These cover many archetypes from popular fiction such as space marines, powered armour suits, near future grunts, alien insectoids and many more. They also have loads and loads of really nice vehicles from tracked tanks to grav vehicles, to walkers and mechs. Their models are particularly good if you are looking to proxy a figure or vehicle from a particular sci-fi setting like Mass Effect, Halo, Aliens etc. I would definitely suggest browsing the range because there’s something there for everyone.

Khurusan has some sort of controversy in the past which will often be mentioned by people in the 15mm community. From what I can tell it doesn’t indicate any issues for customers buying from the store though. I don’t personally know any more than that and people are a bit cryptic about it, but it definitely seems to be past events rather than ongoing.

Mecha Front

A range of battletech style bipedal mecha cast in resin. Models range between  65mm-110mm tall, so they tower over infantry and smaller mechs. They also have a 6mm scale range which could be used for 15mm small walkers and automatons.

Micropanzer Wargame Studio

A popular site I’ve ordered from before – they have some brilliant stuff, though their site tends to have a few navigation issues. Their overall range is extensive and impressive covering large vehicles, walkers, quadrupeds, a variety of human and non-human infantry and powered suits as well as a large selection of terrain pieces. Despite the issues with the site, I definitely recommend Micropanzer for the interesting aesthetics and quality of their miniatures. Oh and they have some dead ringers for the mechs from Titanfall.

Millgeek Designs

A recently launched 3d printing service which offers a nice little range of tanks and infantry, some of which resemble 40k space marines. They also have some turrets, bits, and bunkers.

Oddzial Osmy at Picoarmor

The Oddzial Osmy range of human troops, some undead, and those fantastic Hussari. See above entries for more details on these. Picoarmor don’t have any other 15mm sci fi guys.

Onslaught Miniatures

A small range, only two 15mm miniature sets available right now. One is a Judge Dredd/Adeptus Arbites style group of peacekeepers, the other is a Mordian Iron Guard/Dress Marine style group of troopers. There are actually more 15mm Onslaught minis available at the UK based Vanguard store.

Proxie Models

Only two 15mm vehicles currently, but both are dead ringers for certain imperial guard tanks from the 40k universe.

Ravenstar Studios

Feature two very different ranges, the Land Core and the Horrids. The Horrids are an organic force of gribbly alien beasties and are pretty much unique. They are somewhat reminiscent of the Zerg from Starcraft. Very cool stuff. The Land Core range is all vehicles – hover tanks, mechs, and some really, really cool four (or more) legged walkers with a very smooth futuristic aesthetic. I’ve ordered from them before and been very happy with their miniatures. Highly recommended.

Rebel Minis

A well known and beloved classic 15mm sci-fi store known for their sales and overall quality. They have a large range of vehicles including VTOLs, modular tanks, bipedal mechs, multi legged and animal inspired mechs, plus many cool troop lines including a variety of humanoid aliens and gribbly arachnid style bugs. Highly recommended!

Scale Creep Miniatures (QRF, Brigade, Black Hat, Blue Moon)

Don’t make any 15mm miniatures themselves, but give US customers access to QRF, Brigade, Black Hat, and Blue Moon miniatures.

Stan Johansen Miniatures

A mid sized range of troops and vehicles. Notables include ursine humanoids (blarad), dinosaur/lizard troops, blower/lifter style hover vehicles, and floating grav weapon platform discs. A range with a lot of old school character.

Splintered Light Miniatures

Some Firefly inspired space crew figures and some post apocalyptic zombies and gangers.

Team Frog Studios

They have a very small range of humanoid animal troopers – rats, sharks, rabbits, and frogs. Most of their ranges aren’t in 15mm, but the one that is has 15mm in the title.


A small range of turrets and a single bipedal walker mech with several variants.


Home of the Quar in 15mm, a characterful race of aliens with a bit of a cult following. They have quite a variety of infantry and vehicles, many of which have a sort of futuristic steampunk or dieselpunk vibe. They also have a couple of interesting looking bipedal mechs.



Based in the rest of EU


Strato Minis

A new and still growing range which currently has 2 cool looking mechs (pretty big ones) and 2 big tanks. The level of detail looks very nice. Based in Poland.

Assault Publishing (Poland) – closed


Based in Australia

Eureka Miniatures

A small selection of sci-fi or possibly weird WW2 infantry. Most notably some sci-fi German stormtroopers.


Based in Canada

RAFM Miniatures

A decent if slightly old-fashioned range of alien and human figures with a selection of vehicles including grav tanks, an apc, turrets, and a mobile machine gun platform on crablike legs.


Based in South America

Signifer Miniatures

Signifer is an Argentinian miniature company with a small range of zombie apocalypse models, including the rather unique and creepy looking body bags.


A big thank you to the kind people of 15mm Sci-Fi gaming on Facebook for suggested additions and encouragement.

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  1. Just found your blog by way of the 15mm Sci-Fi Gaming Retailers Facebook Group. For this article, THANK YOU! Ran into some new stuff I’d never seen before… plenty of new and shiny things. Also great presentation elsewhere. If you get a chance, would love to hear your thoughts on my blog ( as I’m still relatively new to putting the hobby online.

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    1. Hi jklingman, I’m glad it was useful! I noticed a couple years ago that the lists that existed were quite out of date and didn’t specialise in exclusively 15mm, so I set about putting it together. The 15mm sci fi community on facebook was really helpful – if you aren’t on there definitely look it up because they’re very welcoming.

      I’ll have a look at your blog for sure. I’ve found it really fun so far writing for this one – it’s nice to complete some painting or similar and feel I have a platform where people will look at it and maybe get interested in doing their own painting, or sharing stuff they’ve done.

      Jack Liu

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