Heavy Gear Blitz – Utopian painting


I’ve just finished off painting my second full combat group of Utopians for Heavy Gear Blitz – a Fire Support squad. As with all my models their various weapon choices are magnetised so I can field whichever variants I want, but I’ve only painted the one set of weapons for now.

Utopians are a really cool faction in HGB. They come from a world ravaged by weapons they unleashed and live in huge habitats underground. Most of their warfare is conducted by automated drones (N-KIDU) using their own special AI tech, though they have pilots in Armigers (gear sized advanced machines) and APES (large power armour essentially) who direct the drones and do more complex stuff.

The Fire Support squad is made of one Armiger and four Drones. Unlike the rest of my Utopians these guys aren’t stealthy, so I went with a very bright colour scheme to contrast with the other units. I think it turned out OK.

I went with a sort of mars scheme for the bases. I have some better tools for doing these in the future that I’ll make another post about, but they look alright I reckon.

Here’s the full combat group
The commanding Armiger with his heavy weapons
Two drones have Anti Tank Missiles which work best with another unit ‘painting’ the target for them
Two of the drones have rocket packs which for the Utopians take an interesting hedgehog form

Now the Fire Support squad, with all those indirect weapons, really benefits from a recon element going out ahead and Forward Observing various targets for them. So using the HGB support unit system, I will attach these three Recon drones, who have my stealthy black paint scheme.

Three little Recon Drones – their weapons are rubbish but they act as artillery spotters
Closeup of a Recon Drone

The other Utopian combat group I had already painted in the stealth scheme is my Commando group of four hovering Commando Drones and one Commando Armiger. These guys are very agile and fast and typically go after specific targets to assassinate and destroy. They’re the Utopian special forces, basically.

Commando combat group
Commando Armiger with Rotary Laser
Closeup of the Commando Drone with his underslung very light bazooka

I also have one APE painted, though I haven’t done his base yet. This one is a Man at Arms APE, sniper variant. He basically wants to jetpack up on top of a building or tall rock and snipe at enemy gears or light vehicles with his Medium Rifle.



Hope you’ve enjoyed these pics. There will be more to come from other factions.





One thought on “Heavy Gear Blitz – Utopian painting”

  1. Situation on utopia reminds me of the game franchisearmored core with a dead world with big underground cities few but high perforrming piloted machines armigers/ACs respectivly and tons of automated drone weapons N-KIDU/MTs respectivly found the concept facinating


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