Heavy Gear NuCoal Infantry

Hello! To prove that there are in fact two of us running the blog, I thought it was about time I made a post.

Even though Heavy Gear is mainly a game about giant bipedal mechs, I’m really fond of the infantry in the game. That’s partly because it adds an interesting tactical level but (if I’m honest) mainly because I love contrasts of scale. What’s the point of having giant mechs if you don’t have tiny little soldiers to make them look giant?

Here’s my platoon of NuCoal infantry. They’re based for badlands rather than a cityscape but they here they are exploring some Dropzone Commander terrain.

Command squad and missile squad
Jammer team with pack lizard to carry the electronic warfare equipment. I love that NuCoal uses a bunch of lizardy beasts so I thought I’d make this. The dinosaur model is from Magister Militum.
Here’s a gear for scale – a Chasseur paratroop gear
Mortar squad taking cover

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