NuCoal Mountaineering Gears

Here’s my squad of NuCoal Lancier mountaineering gears. Because one of their attractions as a unit is the ability to climb over terrain, I wanted to base them in a way that emphasises that (rather than the badlands bases the rest of my NuCoal force uses). I decided to make some mountainous outcrops using pieces of slate. I got some big lumps of slate and bashed them with a hammer to break them up, then chose bits of a suitable size and shape. They’re just stuck straight onto the base and then drybrushed with white paint to pick out the edges.


There are four models here out of the five which came in the pack because I’m saving the last one to build as a duelist. I want to replace his pickaxe with some sort of longer weapon – maybe a lance to go with the gear’s name.

Notice one of the models is missing one of his back-mounted grappling hooks. I removed it and attached it to a bit of wire so it was sticking out further than the other, representing one hook in the process of being fired. Unfortunately it later snapped off and got lost! We can just assume that he left it embedded in the side of a building, or perhaps an enemy tank.

I’m particularly pleased with the base on this one. In these pictures he’s holding a different weapon than in the group shot above; like all my gears the hands are magnetised so I’m not committed to a particular variant.

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