Heavy Gear Blitz – Dinotacular!

Ooh I’ve got some lovely beasts for you today. From the Mekongese jungles of South Terra Nova come lizard riders – a team and a squad, ready for action in Heavy Gear Blitz.

These aren’t the official models – rather they are official southern infantry converted and mounted on 10mm scale dinosaur models from Magister Militum with green stuff saddles. I think they look rather nice though and show a bit more variety than the standard models from Dream Pod 9. I think they might also work out a bit cheaper!

From left to right – an obsolete Anolis recon gear, a lizard rider observer team, lizard rider infantry squad, and an old Basilisk light trooper gear. The gears are about 30mm tall

The lizard rider observer team uses the Gasosaur model from Magister Militum, which you can find here:


right side view of the lizard rider observer team. He’s on a 25mm diameter round base
Left side view of the observer team

The lizard rider infantry squad would normally be 2 or 3 lizard riders on a 40mm base, but I decided to go with two lizards of different sizes, one with 2 riders. I used the Baryonyx for the big guy and his smaller cousin is a Deinonychus (my favourite dinosaur growing up!).



My friend Ten-Six says she thinks Baryonyx sounds like the name of a soul singer. I can’t get that image out of my head now.

right side view of the lizard rider infantry squad, giving a clear view of the little deinonychus. They’re on a 40mm diameter base
Left side view of the squad – look at the goofy expression on that Baryonyx – so intense! I think the riders are disagreeing on which direction he should turn and he’s ignoring the both of them
The two lizard rider models side by side
A shot of the lizard riders with their buddy, an old Basilisk. The Basilisk is an outdated Southern design with a real VOTOMs look


Hope you’ve enjoyed these little beasts. I had a lot of fun painting them!

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