6mm – Epic Eldar Wave Serpents

While I’m not very keen on Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar, I like the Games Workshop universe quite a lot and I’ve always had a soft spot for Epic.

Some time ago Olaf and I discovered Epic UK and their excellent updated lists for the Epic Armageddon iteration of Games Workshop’s nominally 6mm scale wargame set in the 40k universe. We’ve since played a few games – I have a Biel Tan Eldar force, rather small and with few of the miniatures actually painted by me. I got a lot of second hand minis from Ebay with pretty poor but not horrible paintjobs and for a long time I’ve been meaning to paint up more of my Eldar force myself.

I actually started painting my Wave Serpents a while ago with a very basic scheme, but I’ve only just gotten around to painting them properly. I really love the original Mk.1 Wave Serpent model (it is SO much better than the newer Mk.2 model in my opinion) and these were a lot of fun to paint.


I pretty much went with the classic ‘Eavy Metal paint scheme from the 90s – one I’m sure a lot of gamers out there copied, with some small variations. I did consider going with a more cohesive green and white Biel Tan pattern, but in the end nostalgia won out.


As you can see each Wave Serpent is hovering over a martian style 30mm base on a short length of paperclip painted black. This gives a pretty cool effect and is quite unobtrusive and well as cheap – it looks a lot better than using a short ‘transparent’ flight stand I reckon.


The bases themselves were painted using three different techniques because I couldn’t decide which I preferred (you can see each of the three in the pic above), but at the heart of each were the Martian Ironearth and Martian Ironcrust technical paints available from the Games Workshop.


Hopefully I should shortly have some test pattern Aspect Warrior minis to show you. I want to get a clear idea of the scheme for each before I start churning them out.

The Swooping Hawks in the picture above, for scale, are some of the better painted second hand models I got. I’d like to strip them at some point, but for now I do have a reasonable number of just primed or unpainted models to work on.

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