Epic Space Marine Vehicle Conversions

Hello! Since Bacon’s been posting some 6mm Epic stuff I thought I’d join in and show off some of the conversion work I’ve done. There are tons of old plastic Rhinos available cheaply on eBay, but some of the other Space Marine vehicles are harder to find – particularly the Vindicator, which I don’t think ever had a plastic model. Since most of them are heavily based on the Rhino chassis I thought that would be a nice conversion project. By filing off the doors on the front and top I made space for the various types of turret/gun, which I either build from plasticard or modelled using a mould from one of the official models.

Here’s a sample of the results:

From left to right: converted Whirlwind missile launcher; converted Vindicator siege tank; converted Predator Annihilator tank; and good ol’ plastic Rhino APC on which the other three are all based.

The first ones I converted were the Whirlwinds, since I had two of the official model but needed four to field them in my army. The spikes on the front, central turret, and little radar dish were all made from greenstuff using moulds I made of the GW model. I’m particularly pleased with the little radar thing! The missile launchers themselves are made of plasticard and plastic rods I sharpened with a knife.

Two GW Whirlwinds flanked by my two versions. Little bit more painting to do on the former.

Next we have the Vindicator, which is my personal favourite – I’m really pleased with how the whole thing turned out. This one didn’t involve any moulding, just a bunch of bits of plasticard and rod cut to shape.

Vindicator next to its Rhino predecessor.
Official Vindicator model, and the 40K 28mm version. I based the little vents on the top of my conversion on this one.

Finally, some Predators. These probably involved the most work each, as I made the turrets using a mould I took from a metal GW model and hand-built the sponsons from plasticard. I had one metal GW Predator but I really didn’t like the sponsons (you can see them here under ‘Space Marine 2nd Ed. Predator Annihilator’ – to me they look like awkward little arms pointing out). I tried two different designs for the Annihilator and Destructor models, the former being based on something like the old 40K version.

Three converted Predators – two Annihilators and one Destructor – along with an unpainted GW mini with its sponsons sawn off.
Closeup of the Annihilator. I’m very pleased with how these sponsons look.

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