6mm – Epic Eldar Aspect Warrior paint schemes

I’ve been working on some more Epic Eldar – this time figuring out what paint schemes I want to use for my Aspect Warriors. Because I have a Biel Tan army list I get to field more of these than other Craftworlds and they’re a bigger focus for the army.

I decided to go with very traditional schemes – the ‘official’ ones used by the Games Workshop essentially, because these are pretty nice looking for one thing, but more importantly are very distinctive on the tabletop. It’s important to be able to tell which stands are which at a glance.

Because these are my first time painting 6mm figures and they’re the prototype which informs how all the other Aspect Warriors are painted, I spent more time on them than I will on their comrades.

L to R: Swooping Hawk, Dark Reaper, Howling Banshee, Fire Dragon, Warp Spider, Striking Scorpion

You’ll note that the Dire Avenger is sadly not represented. This is because I don’t have any Dire Avenger models. Now I can certainly just use a Guardian with a shuriken catapult, I do have plenty of those, but I’m still figuring out how I’d like to modify that model to make it look more like a Dire Avenger. I’m also going to see if I can get enough old MK.1 Guardian models to use those as my Guardians and keep them distinct from my Dire Avengers.

Now I actually don’t have any Fire Dragon models either, but the Eldar Exarch model, with the wings cut off, looks just fine in that role.

The back view – I’m especially proud of the symbol on the back of the Warp Spider – I’m usually pretty terrible at doing those at such a small scale

I plan on doing Exarchs for each of the Aspect Warrior paths as well – I will customise those so they’re distinct and have them on little 15mm round bases, ready to be put alongside the stand they’re attached to like a token.

Taking pictures of these minis, which certainly look better in person, really reinforces that I need a new camera. I’m taking shots on an old phone and it just isn’t doing justice to some of this work. Not that I think I’m a particularly good painter, but it’s frustrating when I’m happy with a model and as soon as I take a pic it looks a lot worse! I’m sure readers out there will be quite familiar with that¬†experience.

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