28mm – Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok stuff

I’ve had some time to go through the loot I picked up from Ludik Bazar’s clearance sale and overall I’m very happy with my Wolfen – they were ridiculously cheap per model (somewhere around 25p or so) and while the mass produced paintjobs aren’t great, they look surprisingly OK from a distance. At least those from the unit boxes do. The models from the army box are much, much worse – effectively they’ve only been primed, albeit in a couple of colours.

I plan on painting up a couple of models in the future to see how I like them, but I mainly got these guys so I’d have a mass of 28mm fantasy miniatures if I ever felt like playing something in that scale/setting – probably a skirmish level game since the scale is much larger than I’m used to.

Pics after the jump!

Here’s the entire haul. A buttload of prepainted miniatures, a couple of fairly flimsy rulebooks for Wolfen in Confrontation (a game system I have no intention to play), some reference cards, dice, tape measure, and terrain pieces.
I’ll almost certainly be throwing away the cards – I don’t have any intention to play C:AoR. The dice are fairly nice quality and have a Rackham symbol instead of the 6 – never hurts to have some more of those. The tape measure is nicely branded, but doesn’t seem to be particularly good quality/action. It has C:AoR specific measurements on one side.
Here we have some Vestals and Fangs. I don’t especially like the design of the Vestals. Large breasted and skimpily dressed fantasy women (or female wolf people) just aren’t an aesthetic I’m terribly comfortable with.
Here’s a nice variety of Wolfen – the big stabby guys at the back, being from the army box, are essentially just primed, not properly pre-painted. The same is true of the heroes in the middle.
More Wolfen and a little better look at one of the pieces of Terrain. I quite like these bits of wall and I think they’ll work in a few different scales as ancient ruins or similar.
The last of the miniatures including the dryads which are actually pretty cool models – nature spirits emerging from twisting trees/roots. I’ll definitely be repainting at least one of these. Even from this distance and with my terrible camera it’s clear how much better the ones from the unit box look than those from the army box.
Here’s a closer comparison shot of the same model (a Fang, basic trooper) from the unit box (on the left) and army box. As you can see the army box version really isn’t properly painted – the flesh and the leather wrappings are the same colour, there’s no shading etc. A big difference!


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