Heavy Gear Blitz – Mother and Tanklets (Aller and Klemms)

I’ve just finished painting a third Klemm light tank and putting the three I now have on bases with mud/grass/tank tracks etc.

I thought I’d take a group shot with the Northern Heavy Tank, the Aller. All the turrets are swappable so I can make any of the variants of the Klemm/Aller. They aren’t particularly stunning paintjobs but I quite like the way they turned out.

As usual I include a gear and some infantry for scale (which is 1/144 by the way).

The mother Aller leads her little ducklet Klemms forward!

A closer look at Mother, in the Naval Aller configuration
The standard Klemm and the artillery rocket Jaxon
Bringing up the rear, the cheap and cheerful Bandit Hunter Klemm

2 thoughts on “Heavy Gear Blitz – Mother and Tanklets (Aller and Klemms)”

    1. Thanks Samuli, it’s nice to get some positive feedback!

      Yes, I’ve been taking a break from painting and wargaming for a bit but I’m turning back to it as the summer passes and that will certainly mean more spotlights. I might do some PRDF ones since people are starting to get excited about the kickstarter.


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