Heavy Gear Spotlight – Bobcat

About Heavy Gear Spotlight


Code Name: Bobcat

Faction: The North

Manufacturer: Northco

Height: 4.3 meters

Weight: 5,689 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: A cheap, simple, and reliable TD capable recon gear


  • At 6 TV it’s a cheap way to get the strong combo of TD:1, Comms: 1, and 18” sensors

  • With 5/9 movement it has the joint-fastest gear SMS in the game

  • None of its traits are auxiliary

  • Weapons loadout is acceptable for skirmishing with other light or recon gears, even at GU:5+


  • Brawler -1 means it will get utterly thrashed in melee and can’t really use that AP:1 LVB

  • AR:5 with a silhouette of 1.5” and no agile trait make it an easy target of opportunity

  • Restricted to only the RC UA and has no variants

  • Competes directly with the Ferret, which is arguably more cost-effective

Best Uses

  1. Target Designator: This is about as clearly defined a role as you could possibly want in a recon gear. The Bobcat moves up as quickly as possible to get into good position to Forward Observe a target, preferably catching them with no cover and getting into their rear arc, then sends a Comms back to units with guided weapons. The North has ready access to a good selection of guided weapons from *GMs to *AVMs and *ATMs, many of them on cost effective models. Unlike the South the North will only ever have TD:1 available and provided your Bobcat is able to get the Comms action through, there’s no more powerful option. The speed and extended sensor range of the gear suit this role well, the only problem being that it competes directly with the Ferret. So how does the Bobcat stack up against the Ferret? Well it’s very similar indeed – the key differences are +1 AR for the Bobcat, and for the Ferret 24” sensors (though they are Aux), a lower 1” silhouette, and -1 TV cost. In a TD unit the extra sensor range is slightly less important than you’d think because you do still need line of sight to enable TD, and sometimes you actually want a higher silhouette to get that line of sight, but the real issue here is the cost. 1 TV may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that the Bobcat is 20% more expensive than the Ferret, you realise the extra reliability arguably isn’t worth the cost. I’d rate the Ferret as slightly better in this role. A note on the Ferret’s sensors being Aux: Remember that if crippled a model halves its sensor range and can’t use active sensors. This reduces the Ferrets sensor range to a pathetic 6”, but the Bobcat isn’t much better with 9” once crippled. Neither is very likely to be a useful FO unit at that point.
  2. Recon Trooper:This is a less specialised role, the idea being to perform recon tasks such as scanning objectives, providing sensor boost, performing FO (with or without TD enabled), and also mixing it up a bit with enemy light units and skirmishing with their recon elements. Here the Bobcat does have a marked advantage over the Ferret simply because of that extra point of AR, and both the LPG and VLRP have their uses against typical recon models. It’s certainly not ideal for the Bobcat to be getting into actual firefights and it pales in comparison to something like a Wildcat or Metal Cat, but it’s likely that some of the time your Bobcat’s will need to be doing something other than providing TD for guided weapons.



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