Heavy Gear Blitz – King Cobra merc

Peep peep!

I’ve been doing some more painting, this time of an old Tactical era King Cobra model I got super, super cheap from well known French gaming site Ludik Bazar. Now the model itself I would consider quite a bit worse than the excellent modern Blitz era metal King Cobra – the key differences are that the pose is very static, the weapons are smaller, there’s a little less detail, the stylised look of the Heavy Gear illustrations aren’t really captured, the shoulder rocket pack is different/worse, the hands are normal sized rather than the massive an iconic manipulators, the artillery rocket system is missing entirely, and there are no ears at all!

Still for the price they were a bargain and with some modifications (modded artillery rockets, newer mortar, modified cut down rotary cannon, a pair of old tac era knife blades stuck on as ears and a few other minor changes) I think the model ended up looking pretty good.

Here he is without his weapons (both hands are magnetised). Click on for plenty more pics.

Front view of the King Cobra. Because he’s an older model I decided to paint him for my mercenary Compagnie, who use slightly older or modified gears. Their scheme is green and red.

Side view. The shoulder mounted rocket pack is a modern Blitz era MRP. The tac era King came with a rounded and weedy looking RP system. I’ll use it on some other model most likely.
Back view. The LAR (light artillery rockets) is actually a MAR from a Cobra where I’ve cut away the middle third and stuck the ends together to make it much less wide. Note the massive V-Engine!
Other side view. The collar mounted HMG is a little smaller and less detailed than on the Blitz era King, but it still looks good.
Here he is with weapons. The HRC was a cut down and modified regular Blitz HRC taken from a Razorback, I think. Because I wanted to magnetise I decided not to have it underslung.
The Axe represents a MVB (Medium Vibro Blade) and was taken from a Black Talon Vulture kit. The Blitz Era Cobra has really big manipulators which serve as a MVB without the need for an added weapon, but this tac era model has regular hands, so I wanted to beef him up.
A size comparison. Sniper team on the left, fairly regular trooper gear on the right. Because the King is kind of a special model I gave him a nice elevated base, but he still only counts as 2″ tall in the game (inc base).
Comparison with my other two Heavy Assault gears. The modern Blitz King Cobra on the left with a particle accelerator, and the mercenaries Boa Duelist on the right.
I think I prefer how the base on the Boa turned out, but I’m happy enough with both. The Boa is fully magnetised with a total of 6 magnets for different loadouts.
Note how much more dynamic the Blitz era King Cobra is. It also has a much nicer head and torso and is just generally a prettier beast. Still, they both feel like King Cobra badasses, so I’m happy with that.

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