Heavy Gear Blitz – Rattlesnake

Been painting up another obsolete old model for my mercenary compagnie in Heavy Gear Blitz. This time it’s the Rattlesnake which was an early strike gear, faster and lighter than a Jager and, crucially, armed with a medium rocket pack (MRP) rather than the light rocket pack of similar cheap gears (or even the Black Mamba strike gear!).

The Rattlesnake doesn’t have any stats in the Living Rule Book, but I will be posting stats up on the blog so others can add it to their game.

I’m pretty happy with how he came out. I think it’s clear my painting style is slowly moving toward higher contrast models with more variation in shade, but more gradual transitions

Note the tiny little camera head. The pilot’s head is in the armoured block below that, with a vision slit in case the camera gets blown off!

The Rattlesnake will have a few variants, but the stock model carries the basic light autocannon (LAC)
I went for a slightly different paint scheme on this one. Same green and red as the rest of my mercs, but a half/half pattern.
I’m quite happy with the shade variation I got into the hazard striping on the MRP
Also pretty happy with the posing in general – a relatively dynamic look for a static pair of legs
Compared with 11mm tall infantry and a standard Jager trooper gear
Here he is with the other obsolete models in my merc group. From left to right: Rattlesnake, Basilisk, Copperhead, Anolis R.

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