Entering the Napoleonic Wars: 33rd (West Riding) Regiment

For a while I’ve been working on some Napoleonic minis in between other projects, and I’ve just finished my first unit! Since British infantry regiments were named after counties, I decided it would be nice to do one for each of the four historic English counties I’ve lived in. This week I’m visiting my parents in the (historical) West Riding of Yorkshire, so it seemed appropriate to finish off my 33rd (West Riding) regiment:

The whole battalion advancing in line formation

The miniatures are all from Pendraken‘s 10mm British range, and I’m very pleased with them. I have some cavalry, artillery and highlanders to do as well as some more line infantry for the other counties I’ve lived in.

The flags were printed from Napflags and wrapped around a square of tinfoil to help keep their shape. (You can actually see the top edge of the tinfoil in the pictures I realised – I should sort that out when I get home.)

Officer, drummer and colour guard in the front rank
The Light Company, with their green plumes, preparing to fire

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