Heavy Gear painting – Diamondback honour guard

Hello hello you lovely beasts.

I’ve been doing some more painting for my Southern Republican honour guard. Now in the backstory the honour guard was made up of Fer de Lances, Gilas, and the occasional King Cobra. But with the Legion Republique becoming a legitimate military unit prior to the Second War for Terra Nova, they would clearly need to bolster their numbers with other gears. I’ve found mention of the Sidewinder being very popular, probably because of its similarity to the Fer de Lance, but also because it was made during the pilot-safety era of gear construction.

This is something it has in common with the much more recent Diamondback design and I figured my SRA honour guard would be more than happy to field some. The only issue is the Diamondback is a little plain looking, having no ‘ears’ or crests for me to paint white. So I decided to spruce it up a bit with some 3rd party crests!

The crests are from Anvil Industry and required very little work in order to fit to the rounded pauldrons of the Diamondback.

More pictures after the jump.

Here’s the traditional view from the front with measuring stand. A pretty standard sized strike gear at 34mm or so.
Side view showing off the crests, which to me are reminiscent of Winged Hussars. I’m pretty happy with the vibroblade – I used the Arena variant to emphasise that even though the Diamondback doesn’t have a reach weapon it does have brawler: 1.
Back view. This model has the support upgrade so it’s packing Medium Artillery Rockets (MAR).
Right side. Not totally happy with the gun, but nice to try out a slightly different method for painting them.
I’m a big fan of magnetising my models so I can field all the variants. Both hands and the back hardpoint are magnetised so it can swap around the Medium Autocannon, Medium Bazooka, Heavy Autocannon, Anti Personnel Rockets or Artillery Rockets.
The gang’s all here! Note the Diamondback has a less impressive base than the others. I guess he/she’s a lower ranked pilot, hence the less traditional honour guard gear.

The Diamondback model is available from Dream Pod 9

The crests are from Anvil Industry in the UK who have an amazing and very affordable range of 28mm scale miniatures and conversion parts. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Gear painting – Diamondback honour guard”

  1. what size of magnet do best for HG? i got some 3 x 2mm are they fine? i got some odler metal models that are just glued but i ordered the North South and CEF plastic starter kits and would like to magnatize


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