Heavy Gear Caprice Mounts and bases

I just finished making a base for one of my mounts for the Caprice faction in Heavy Gear, and realised I hadn’t uploaded any photos of the previous mounts I’d done. So here they are!

First, here’s the chap whose base I just finished. It’s a Bashan recon mount, and I have to say I’m really pleased with how the base turned out. My Caprice forces have cityscape bases, which I’ve designed to fit with the Dropzone Commander cityscape terrain I use for a lot of my Heavy Gear games. On this one I decided to use a model tree I got from eBay to add some extra detail. The model itself is waiting for a few little extra details, like the shading on the canopy and some extra colouring on the legs, but it’s pretty close to done.

Bashan recon mount on its new base


Here are some previous mounts I completed: another Bashan on the right, and an Aphek on the left. This Bashan is the metal model whereas the one above is the newer plastic from the kickstarter, and I’m pretty happy with how close the two mouldings are to each other. Both these models are magnetised so I can swap them out between different loadouts, making the Jammer Bashan and the Close Support or Support Aphek (the latter pictured here with its anti-tank missile on the tail).



Finally here’s a group shot of all three models, arranged on the Dropzone Commander city tile. I’m very pleased with how well the bases I’ve done match the appearance of the terrain!

Group shot, with left to right: metal Aphek, plastic Bashan, metal Bashan




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