Heavy Gear Blitz – Copperhead unit addon

When Heavy Gear Blitz moved to its latest incarnation – the Living Rule Book – certain models and variants that had existed in previous versions were left out. Several of these are older (in the fiction) Southern gears. The models for these gears are still available and still pretty dang cool, so I’m interested in adding them back into the game.

Thankfully this is quite easy to do because:

A) I have the rules/stats for the models in the previous edition of game

B) The Living Rule Book version of HGB is actually a system which is very easy to add to and work out a sensible TV cost for the model.

The fifth of these I want to add is the Rattlesnake, still available from the DP9 store. I present it here in the format of the LRB so others can use it in their games.


Code Name: Copperhead
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms / Mandeers Heavy Industry
Unit Type: General Purpose
Height: 4.4 meters
Weight: 6,350 kg
The Copperhead was originally developed as a joint venture between Territorial Arms and Mandeers to replace the ageing Rattlesnake. Taking a cue from its predecessor the Copperhead introduced several safety features that would later be incorporated into the Black Adder and Sidewinder. Though officially phased out of front-line duty the Copperhead is a popular and affordable option for the forces of the Mekong Dominion, the ESE, and arena pilots on a budget. Such is its lasting appeal that Neil Motorworks have begun to produce official upgrade kits.


Model TV UA MR AR H/S A GU PI EW Weapons Traits Type/
Copperhead 6 GP W:5″
5 4/2 1 4+ 4+ 6+ LAC (Arm), LRP, APGL, LVB (Arm) Arms, Brawler:1 Gear
Brawler Copperhead 7 GP W:5″
5 4/2 1 4+ 4+ 6+ LAC (Arm), LGL (Arm), LRP, APGL, LVB (Arm) Arms,  Brawler:1 Gear
Gunner Copperhead  7 GP W:5″
5 4/2 1 4+ 4+ 6+ MAC (Arm), LRP, APGL, LVB (Arm) Arms, Brawler:1 Gear
Striking Copperhead 7 GP W:5″
5 4/2 1 4+ 4+ 6+ LBZ (Arm), LRP, APGL, LVB (Arm) Arms, Brawler:1 Gear

2 thoughts on “Heavy Gear Blitz – Copperhead unit addon”

    1. Yes, will certainly be writing a profile for the Boa as a Southern gear. It’s very similar to the NuCoal version obviously, with slightly different variants.

      I wasn’t aware the North ever got access to the gladiator, though I suppose technically anyone can buy Peace River gears if they want – at least the commerically available ones, not the Shinobi!

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