Heavy Gear stuff cleared out from Wayland Games

Hey all. Wayland Games recently put their remaining Heavy Gear stuff on clearance (there was hardly anything left) and it was sufficiently cheap (80% off!) that it was worth me getting it even though they weren’t products I was particularly after.

Here’s the haul. 3x two packs of Support Armigers for Utopia and a two pack of upgrade parts for the old Hun model (which is out of print and I do not own).


I already have 2 Support Armigers for my Utopia force and don’t really need any more, but by duck brother has expressed an interest in collecting Utopia, especially with the new kickstarter coming, so I’ll give 2 of the packs to him most likely. The other pack I’ll probably just use for parts. Maybe even to make some little tanks and drones for a different force or scale.

The custom Hun parts I will also be using just as ‘bits’ to customise stuff. I don’t think they’ll fit the new model Hun, but I might give it a try and see.

5 thoughts on “Heavy Gear stuff cleared out from Wayland Games”

  1. Congrats on the haul! Clearance sales and stores selling their whole stock are great ways to get deals on the metals. If you’re not interested in the Hun accessory missile pack, I’d be willing to trade for them if you’re in the US.

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  2. i personaly am in the US and get most my stuff directly from dp9 online store not the chcheapest butaverage but they reward you points for every like 5 dollar spent wich give a dollar off for future purchases so after geting myt 3 starters i got some stone head terrains pices for free they even refunded the shiping cost makeing the terrain piece 100% free good service imo, do they not ship out of north america?

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    1. They do, though obviously there’s more cost involved in postage. Most importantly people in the UK then get slapped with a hefty and arbitrary tax plus customs handling fees. Those are often more than the thing itself and feel very unfair. They can also significantly delay delivery of the product.

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  3. check this out http://talon-games.com/index.html the minitures can be bought from reaper minishttps://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/CAV:StrikeOperations though the mecha are vert battletech insprired it being a 10mm game though the tanks,infantry and VTOLS could be useable in a heavy gear setting heck even the mech maybe jotunhiem forces? all we know about them is they world is very montounious and are anti CEF

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