Fusilier Hovertank

Here’s a model I finished this week. It’s a Fusilier Hovertank for NuCoal in Heavy Gear. The body is in the same dark grey as my other NuCoal tanks, but I wanted to do something special for the hover nacelles – partly because I thought it would look cool, and partly because NuCoal have better access to genuine hover technology than most Terra Novan nations so it would make sense for them to want to show it off! I went with a sky blue scheme and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

The base is my standard NuCoal badlands base, but with a little lizard enjoying the sight of the tank passing by overhead. I got the model from Magister Militum’s lovely¬†range of dinosaurs. In the rear view you can also make out a faint red glow of the hover thrusters propelling the tank along. Not sure it’s visible enough to have been particularly worth it but I still think it looks nice when you do bend down and examine it!

And here’s a group shot of the Fusilier on patrol with his big brother the Voltigeur Main Battle Tank, and a couple of Jerboa escorts.

NuCoal family outing

2 thoughts on “Fusilier Hovertank”

  1. looking good like the addition of the lizard i like it when ppl take the time to show off some non game important fauna in the back grounds of thier boards bases amd terrain

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