Drake Gearstrider: Heavy Gear Painting

Hello duckchums!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a painting update, partly because I haven’t been painting much. A little while ago a cyclist crashed into me (entirely his fault) and I badly broke one finger. Sadly the finger will never work quite as well as before and has to be splinted for a couple of months, which has made many activities quite annoying for me. Happily it was on my off-hand and wasn’t the index finger.

It’s taken me a little while to get used to painting with that annoyance and to generally get back into the habit after a break (hahah).

But I’m very pleased to say I’ve finished painting a model which I started about two years ago and had made a resolution to finish this month; the Drake Gearstrider by Dream Pod 9 (available from Dream Pod 9 if you’re in the New World, or from Shiny Games by request if you’re in the EU).

Pics after the jump!

Here’s the big boy in all his glory. As you can see he’s about 60mm tall with a comms fin and weapons taking him over 70mm. A real behemoth in the 1/144 world of Heavy Gear, as you can see from the way he towers over this civilian car.


A comparison pic showing the Drake next to the standard Southern Jager gear and a two man sniper team. Astute readers will note the Drake as the same head as the Jager. I actually lost the original Drake head and simply replaced it with a Jagers. I prefer it!
Right side view, showing the twin rotary lasers and revealing the heavy flamer hidden behind the shield on his left arm. I went for a sort of shiny metal effect on the purple blade, but didn’t really get it right. It looks more like a cheap tie!
View of the left side with the shield and very heavy spike gun/blade. I think I did a better job of the effect on the blade on this side. You can see what I was going for at least. I’m quite happy with the little bent parking sign on the base, which I made from a bit of old plastic helicopter sprue.
Back view. Not the best angle really – couple of mould lines I somehow didn’t clean up and I didn’t spend much time on the metallics at all. Looks ok though!
Top down view. The missile plates on either side of the cockpit are magnetised and can be switched according to the variants, as is the rotary laser (magnet on underside of forearm). I haven’t yet painted the other bits, but I’ll put up pics when I do. Note the magnets in the hands for carrying some of the other weaponry.



One thought on “Drake Gearstrider: Heavy Gear Painting”

  1. Looks fantastic bacon! The drake is a impressive looking machine i love its over size spike gun blade sheild thingy imagining what that would do to a normal size egar… youch.. looking forward to the PR kick starter?

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