Duck Brother Day Skirmish!

This weekend my esteemed Brother Duck came to visit. Many games were played and much fun was had. We hadn’t had a chance to hang out in person for a while and it was really nice to just chill and enjoy some gaming.

First my Duck Bro, his girlfriend, and I played the Warhammer Quest Card Game (by Fantasy Flight), which I’m generally very impressed with. It reminds me of Death Angel (also by FF) in that they’ve managed to capture the feel of a specific miniature game very well with just cards in different stacks. It’s quite similar to the LOTR co-op living card game (another FF product) but it’s easier to understand what’s happening and why.

Overall definitely a co-op game I’d recommend. It’s got a fair bit of depth and replayability and it’s pretty cheap too at about £20-£25. Sadly the addon packs are extremely rare and expensive, but it’s a game I could imagine making my own addons for.

Next game was a two player competitive game called Bloodsuckers that I’d bought in a clearance sale for only £5. It’s by Fireside Games, who are most famous for designing Castle Panic, a game my Duck Brother sometimes plays with his parents. I knew the game wasn’t regarded as a classic but was fairly well put together and I found it pretty endearing in a very generic 90s World of Darkness vampires vs hunters sort of way. It’s strange to say but I think very generic games actually sort of stand out these days with so many slickly produced games out there built around existing IPs like Warhammer or with very strong theme.

We got a few rules wrong (the manual isn’t super clear and we were playing through fairly loosely) but the game was pretty fun and surprisingly deep and well balanced. I’m not sure if we’ll play it again but I already feel I got my £5 worth. Also there’s a vampire that looks like Riker from Star Trek: TNG.

Finally we played a solid Heavy Gear Blitz skirmish, further testing out the house rules we’ve been writing for several weeks now. This was also our first time playing on the basic mars scape battlefield I’ve been constructing. Terrain is mostly from Battlefield in a Box and Planetfall.  I don’t feel like doing a whole battle report, but here are some highlights:

My force – A Strike Combat Group with a Drake and Jager, and an Infantry Combat Group with two basic squads, an observer team, a sniper team, and a lizard rider squad
Olaf’s likely lads. A CG of a Fusilier Hovertank and Chasseur escort, a CG of a sniper and jammer team with an Armadillo Beast named Little Alice, and a mixed CG of GREL supersoldiers and regular anti-tank infantry
The battlefield before the carnage. Olaf’s Hoverboys on the right facing down the Drake. Infantry cover the middle and left.
The Fusilier, a lovely model and one of my favourite of Olaf’s paintjobs, ready to pop up and blast stuff with its Light Laser Cannon and Heavy Autocannon. It’s a bit of a sniper in a way, and maybe got too involved in close range fighting in this game.
Olaf’s other flank harboured a couple of specialist teams and Little Alice the angry Armadillo Beast
As the game progressed the Drake just stomped forward flattening everything. The Fusilier consistently dinged it, but its armour was just too heavy. Not a machine you want to see bearing down on you. Note the poor dead Jager on the left, a victim of Nucoal accuracy
The game ended in a decisive melee action as the Drake charged around the cover to ram that spike blade into the hovertank. You’ll note from the green D6 that he’s only one point away from being crippled though!

One thought on “Duck Brother Day Skirmish!”

  1. great looking models i especially like the added little lizards you guys add they represent hoppers from HG lore really well if you somehow managed to give them the little fuzzy hair due thingies they sport but either way love the extra detail cool to play a game that utilizes gears at a minimum level since they normal take center stage

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