Dropzone Commander Cityscape

A few people have asked me about the Dropzone Commander Cityscape terrain, which is unsurprising because I’m fairly evangelical about it. In my opinion it’s the gold standard of easy and affordable urban terrain for new players. Obviously it will never be as aesthetically pleasing as good scratch built terrain or expensive premade stuff, but for the price it can’t be beaten. I might do a full review at some point, but for now here’s what I was asked about; suitability of the buildings at different scales.

Read on for pics and a link to the best place to buy it.

Here’s one of the small buildings with a 15mm, 12mm, 10mm, and 6mm infantryman for scale, plus a scale stick (although bear in mind it’s on a 2mm tall base)
And a mid sized one
One of the biggest
And the tallest
A jaunty dutch angle just because


If you’re looking at 10mm or 12mm this is a no brainer. I also think it’s great for 15mm for the price. For 6mm,.. many of the buildings might just be too big. The smaller ones work well though.

The best place to buy the Cityscape or the ruined variant (the same thing just with more weathered images printed on it) is straight from the new owners of the Dropzone range, TT Combat. If you’re in the UK they even do free postage.

3 thoughts on “Dropzone Commander Cityscape”

  1. I got a set of these back in Dec when I got north, south and cef plastic starters for HG work perfect add some n scale car and people adds a lot of detail too checked out you last few posts too love your drake

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    1. Thanks Keianna. I do the same, scattering around some n scale cars. I’ve also got some pipes etc from mantic games that I think will go well in the cityscape. The Drake was a long time painting and I’m happy people like it!

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  2. I was already planning to get some of this for use with Heavy Gear, but it’s great to see the scale comparison with miniatures. While the default setting for Heavy Gear battles is the badlands deserts, no one wants to always be stuck playing in the same kind of terrain and more city conflicts would certainly be great to see.

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