Epic Imperial Guard – Krieg Infantry Company

Hello! Today I finished painting some mortar squads for my Epic Imperial Guard force and realised I hadn’t put any pictures of them up yet. So here are some shots of my infantry company.

The Kriegers break from cover to charge the enemy through an artillery barrage. Note the Commissar at the left keeping watch for any signs of cowardice – as if that were necessary with men of Krieg!

These guys are all part of my Death Korps of Krieg army. I’m particularly attracted to Krieg, partly because of their back-story which highlights one of my favourite aspects of the 40K universe: the Imperium falling into stupid costly civil wars because it’s so unwieldy and hard to govern. I also feel like Krieg feel very ‘Guard-y’ in that they’re suited to fielding wave after wave of expendable foot troops backed up by trundling heavy tanks.

A selection of ordinary Guardsmen, with Commissar in the front rank. The full company has 20 stands of these! It’s just missing a command squad which I haven’t painted yet.
Fire Support units with Autocannons.

Unlike most Guard armies, ordinary Krieg squads don’t get any Autocannons at all unless they buy attached squads. This gives them a more WWI feel as the bulk of the forces can pretty much do one of two things: hunker in cover and wait for the enemy to come to them, or charge forward en masse relying on sheer numbers to soak up casualties until they reach the enemy line. Still, it’s nice to haveĀ some support occasionally!

As well as Autocannon support, Krieg have a foot-carried light artillery gun. Its rules make it seem more like a mortar (indirect fire, anti-infantry) so I got these mortar infantry models fromĀ Trolls Under the Bridge. They work very well alongside the Games Workshop trenchcoat figures in the squads above.

Infantry mortar support.
Mortar command stand, with radio operator at the right and officer bottom centre.


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