More scale agnostic terrain

Hello duckfans!

Following up from the barricades I posted previously, here are some more terrain pics. I haven’t felt motivated to finish any actual models recently, but painting terrain I hold myself to a lower standard and that’s been better better for relaxing recently.

I finished off the pack of barricades from White Dragon Miniatures. Plenty of graffiti which was fun to do and didn’t take much effort to look about right. I’ll use this as scatter terrain in 6mm, 12mm, and 15mm on any map where I can justify some big blocks of tatty looking concrete.

Then I quickly slapped some paint on a 10mm scale objective marker from Firestorm Planetfall. These objective markers are really great. Sadly Spartan Games went out of business, but you can still find the objective markers and terrain packs out there on the secondary market. I believe the Firestorm range was purchased by Warcradle Studios, but they don’t have a webstore.

Finally I painted up some OKI Corporation modular terrain from CP Models (originally from Angel Barracks, but he recently sold his 6mm range). Again these will work in 6mm-15mm just fine. I decided to go with a sort of Halo Covenant purple paint scheme. I’m imagining that these are prefabricated fortifications that a highly mobile force can just drop in when they need them.

Pictures after the jump!

A 1/144 (12mm scale) Jager gear and Hun light tank. The bigger bit of wall is actually just a bit of masonry that I found outside and quickly painted up. Too heavy to have a lot of them, but it looks quite nice.
A mural depicting the destruction of Terra Novan cities by CEF orbital bombardment. Do not forgive!
Some 12mm infantry hanging out. These barricades make great cover for infantry in Heavy Gear Blitz and would for 6mm and small vehicles too, but anything bigger than that will just treat them like an obstacle
Another shot of infantry using the cover
But it’s not tall enough for the Jager to hunker down behind it. In Heavy Gear Blitz terms it counts as being 0.5 inches tall.
Here’s the OKI building with two extra walls. As you can see it works fine with these 12mm infantry and would be similarly fine for 15mm, even though it’s actually designed for 6mm.
The walls provide fine cover for a Jager gear (he’s about 32mm tall)
The OKI building and two walls. It’s a highly modular set because of the corner pieces
Customary shot with the scale stick!

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