Heavy Gear Chasseur Squad


Hi everyone. I recently decided to paint some more Heavy Gear models – it had been a while since I did any as a lot of my hobby time has been going on our fan rewrite of the Heavy Gear Blitz Living Rulebook (which is almost ready for release!). I realised I’d never actually painted any ordinary trooper Gears – the basic Hunter, Jager or Chasseur that are meant to be the staple of each Terra Novan force. So to rectify that, here’s a squad of NuCoal Chasseurs.

Chasseur Commander, Flechette variant

This was my first time painting using a wet palette, which I wanted to try after Bacon had such success with his. Like him I found it way more convenient, especially as it allowed me to batch-paint a whole squad without worrying about particular shades of paint drying out before I’d got through all the models. I thoroughly recommend giving it a try.

The full squad, in a variety of loadouts. As usual all the hands are varied so each model can take any weapon.



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