This week’s loot

Hey all

Just wanted to show off some bits that arrived in the post today.

One order from Russian site Klukva Miniatures, which has really impressed me. I went with the Demon Warrior, Bloody Vampire, and Soul Vampire all in 35mm scale. You may recognise them from their respective games Kingdom Under Fire, Legacy of Kain, and Soul Reaver.

They came packed in a lovely little lasercut box and nicely padded with cotton wool. The detail on the miniatures is superb and they’ve gone through some seriously good QA too – virtually no mold lines or defects of any kind, which is rare for resin miniatures, especially of this level of detail.

Pics and more after the jump.

A sturdy and adorable travelling box.
Look at the hinge on that badboy!
Here are the minis. Kain, Regnier, and Raziel. The parts slot together perfectly and the detail is phenomenal. Definitely a strong recommendation from me for Klukva Miniatures.

Next up are a couple of ebay auctions I recently won, expanding my Heavy Gear Blitz collection.

The first item was a couple of painted Tactial Era Kodiak gears for the North. Many Tac Era models don’t look great, have very undersized weapons, and generally aren’t as nice as the Blitz Era versions. The Kodiak doesn’t have a very dynamic pose and the shoulder mounted rocket pod is more LRP than MRP or HRP, but other than that it looks great. Once I’ve paint stripped them (I’m using Acetate this time) one of them will be a Kodiak for a Norlight religious force, but the other will be scrapped and converted into a Panda prototype. The Panda never got a model and was only referenced in the Heavy Gear 2 PC game.

Note the anti tank missiles mounted on the V-Engine backpacks. Note also that I unwrapped these guys and pulled them apart while on a bus and managed to lose one of the little shoulder mounted rocket pods. That’s fine, since I was going to replace them anyway, but it goes to show you shouldn’t do that on a moving bus.

Finally there’s a Black Talon starter army I picked up for a shocking 25 quid on ebay. This was an absolute bargain and I consider myself very lucky. It includes a Dark Naga kit, two Vultures, an Owl, and a Raptor. I already have two vultures and don’t need four, so at least one of these is going to be converted, probably into a Peace River experimental Agamemnon. The starter also came with two of the old rulebooks, ones I already had actually, but in smaller size. A nice nostalgia item at least!

The real prize is the Dark Naga kit which is arguably the best kit Dream Pod 9 have ever made. It’s incredibly clean, precise, and well fitted.

These resin pieces are of superb quality and give me multiple loadout options from my Dark Naga (or Naga, actually). It’s a wonderful kit, still available from DP9 on their store.
Ooh, look at all that tasty pewter!

One thought on “This week’s loot”

  1. wow great price for a starter pack, gats on the pickup hope when you get everything together and painted up you’ll share


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