Prepainted Lava Bases from Daemonscape

Another lovely delivery arrived the other day, this time of some round lava style bases I’m going to use for my Black Talon elite in Heavy Gear Blitz.

I purchased these from Daemonscape, a wonderful company you’ll probably recognise from my List of 15mm SciFi Stores. I have actually never bought prepainted minis or bases before but I’ll let you in on a secret: while I like painting minis I’ve never really enjoyed painting bases or terrain that much. When I saw the paintjob Daemonscape had done on these new resin bases I really liked the look of them and got in touch privately to purchase some prepainted in that style. I’m very glad I did because they were very affordable indeed and look great.

The regular store entry, here, is for unpainted versions.

So let’s have a look at ’em!


Here’s the lot: 10x 32mm, 10x 40mm, and one 50mm

The 32mm. You can see close up that the paintjob is somewhat rough and ready, but it looks great from a sensible distance. Every base is consistently about this quality.
The 40mm for my bigger gears. Some of the bases have raises up sections of crusty rock which suit more dynamic poses from my models and adds some variety


The big 60mm I’ll use for a Dark Naga strider. I particularly like the lava bubbles on this one.


A Black Talon Vulture fire support gear mounted on one of the 40mm bases. What I’m going to do is add some lava glow to the lower parts of the model to represent the light thrown up by the terrain. Should look good!


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