Epic Imperial Guard – Krieg Ragnarok Tanks

I just finished painting this formation of Ragnarok tanks for my Epic Imperial Guard force. It’s a lovely model, with a bunch of stowage and nets and sandbags on the sides and the top of the tank – quite unusual in a 40K vehicle generally. I’m also very pleased with how the camouflage scheme turned out, as it’s my first time painting this sort of realistic vehicle colour scheme as opposed to more colourful Space Marine heraldry.


The barbed wire here is from Greenstuff World and the base is made of Milliput which I pressed the front of the tank tracks into repeatedly to make an imprint. I made the shell craters using the end of a paintbrush. Until now I haven’t been basing my 6mm vehicles but I’m so pleased with how these bases look that I’m probably going to go back and do ones for all my Space Marine tanks – or at least I’ll add it to the ever-growing list of miniature projects to work on!


The full squadron supporting some Krieg infantry on the advance

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