Interesting 10mm – 35mm scale mech

A little while ago I spotted a little blog store, Zandris IV Miniatures, selling a couple of 28mm scale mechs. Because I’m far more interested in gaming below 15mm I’m often unaware of mechs from larger scales that could actually work just fine as towering engines of destruction. The most important thing is they don’t have any features that clearly reveal their intended scale and these mechs certainly fit that criteria.

I went for one of the Type-45(D) ‘Satria’ Battlesuits, figuring I’d most likely use it as a ‘gearstrider’ or large one man mech in 12mm (1/144) scale. Having assembled it and fitted magnets to give it a variety of hardpoints, here are some pictures after the jump!

I’ve thrown a quick blue wash on here to reveal the details a little more. As you can see the model stands about 52mm tall and is all metal so pretty heavy duty
The general quality of the casting was very good, though it did of course need cast lines filing down and it was surprisingly hard to assemble. I’m not entirely happy with the stance I ended up with, but I’m usually not very good at posing mechs.
Because of the weight of the components you’ll definitely want to pin them. I used pieces of paperclip to pin every joint except the feet. As you can see I also added 2mm diameter magnets – one in the top and bottom of each fist, one in the outer forearm, one in the under forearm.
Here he is next to a 15mm, 12mm, 10mm, and 6mm infantry. I guess at 6mm he could work as one of those pacific rim style mechs, but for my money he works best at 10mm or above.
He came with a nice little arsenal. A chunky pistol style weapon, an underarm energy weapon, two rocket or missile pods, and a twin barreled weapon that would work best attached to the outer forearm. I’ve magnetised them all.
Here he is waving around the weapons he came with.
The pistol and double barrel.
Just as a demonstration of why I magnetised him – I ‘d like to be able to give him varied loadouts. These are weapons from various ranges.
And next to a 30mm or so Hunter mech from Heavy Gear Blitz (1/144 or 12mm scale)


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