Epic 40k – Eldar Biel Tan Guardians and a Deathstalker

Just a quick post to show off some Eldar Guardians I just painted as a little batch, and a Deathstalker hovertank colour scheme I’m fairly happy with. As you can see, I’m putting together a Biel Tan force.

I’d already painted one stand of these and the wraithlord, I just fancied doing some stuff in a batch – which is actually quite rare for me. Next I’ll do some more Deathstalkers and some Aspect Warriors, maybe some Wraithguard.

More pictures after the jump.

Clearer shot of the tank and some of our brave citizen soldiers.
Closeup of the Deathstalker. These are basically the old version of Fire Prism Falcons. The paint scheme is relatively basic and the quality of the white paint I used wasn’t amazing, but it looks good from an appropriate distance.
Little bit of a better view of the flag bearer. This stand is a little worse than the others because I simply painted over an already (fairly basic) paintjob they had when I bought them from eBay. I’m happy enough with how the standard turned out for the limited effort I put in!
A closeup on the Guardians. I tried to avoid being too precious about neatness with these guys. I just wanted them to look decent on the tabletop.


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