I’ve recently been getting interested in Gaslands, a tabletop game about post-apocalyptic death races. It appeals to me a lot for a bunch of reasons. First off I always enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, and Gaslands takes a lot of inspiration from things like Mad Max which I love. It also fits very nicely, with a few small changes, into the world of Zonefall – the post-apocalyptic paper-and-pencil RPG Baconradar are in the process of writing. I’ve started introducing an adapted version of the rules to use for multi-vehicle fights in the campaign of that I’m currently running and I’m very pleased with how it’s working out, as are my players.

The rules themselves are very nice as well. They have a basic core which is quite straightforward and doesn’t involve remembering a huge amount of stuff, but there are enough perks and upgrades you can give individual vehicles to provide a lot of variety and depth. The rules are fairly inexpensive and you can quickly get started playing using toy cars so I definitely recommend giving it a try for anyone who thinks it sounds interesting.

Finally, collecting old matchbox cars and converting them into Mad Max-style death racers really appeals to me. Modifying and converting minis has always been my favourite part of the hobby, moreso than painting them, and I’ve had a lot of fun with the few cars I’ve had a go at so far. Here’s one of them, unpainted as yet, but I’ll be posting pictures of others as I complete them soon.

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