Epic 40k – Eldar Howling Banshees and army-so-far pics

Recently a got a whiteboard so my wife and I can write down things we need from the supermarket, chores to do etc and we can both just pick items from the list and do them, then satisfyingly check them off and have the other person wipe the board clean. It’s a nice fun way of doing things.

I had an item that said ‘paint at least one stand of aspect warriors’ because that’s something I wanted to do but kept putting off for some reason, so I decided to do a quick stand of Howling Banshees, as I think they have one of the best models in Epic.

Since I wanted to take pics of them anyway I thought I’d also take some quick pics of my entire Biel Tan force. It’s very much a work in progress, but it’s nice to see it slowly building in size.

Pics after the jump, as usual!

My first stand of banshees! I’d already done the middle one when I was working out paint schemes for all the aspect warriors, so I was really just copying here in a way that took a little bit less time and effort.
Quick rear view of the banshees.
The force so far. Low quality paint job falcons tucked at the back because they’re pretty bad (I painted over some really, really badly painted falcons so I really didn’t feel like putting in a lot of effort)


I’m quite pleased with the deathstalkers and wave serpents. Very characterful models and I had fun doing the classic scheme on the serpents.
I plan on doing some more wraithlords (and wraithguard!), but probably not a huge number since Biel Tan has plenty of living warriors and don’t like to burden the dead with more service.
I’m quite looking forward to having a bunch of different aspect warriors painted up who will be whisked in close to wreak havoc by the durable wave serpents.

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