Neo-Soviet vehicles from Brigade Models

Hello duckfans, sort of a half product review half ‘look at this stuff I got’ post here I guess : ]

I’ve maintained a list of 15mm Sci-Fi stores for a while now and there are some I am always quick to recommend to people, first amongst which is the excellent Brigade Models. I’ve had my eye on some of their Neo-Soviet range for quite a while and I recently made an order, figuring I’d use them at 12mm (1/144) scale alongside Heavy Gear miniatures, perhaps as one of the existing but not fleshed out factions, perhaps as an entirely new faction.

Here’s what I got, with many more pics after the jump. I should say in advance the quality is generally very good for the price, with a normal amount of cleanup required.

The whole lot. The bags at the top are a bunch of accessories which we’ll use across many vehicles, not just these. Brigade does a pretty cool range of stowage and extra bits.

This the Vombat, a Tank/APC hybrid. Note the troop compartment at the rear. At 15mm scale it might only hold 4 or 5 soldiers in fairly cramped quarters, but at 12mm a larger number is much more believable.


One of the nicest features of the model is that the troop compartment door is a separate piece.

Hence it can be positioned either closed, or open, in which case it makes a nice ramp. I’ll probably hinge this door rather than gluing it, using some fine wire or a paperclip.
A feature of many Brigade models is a good level of modularity. The Neo-Sovs have three secondary weapon turrets across the range and I made sure to buy some extras since I intend on magnetising my models to allow for several variants. If you don’t plan on buying extras it’s worth noting the Brigade store lets you choose the secondary turret you want before you add the vehicle to your basket.
Here’s the missile launcher secondary.  In Heavy Gear it would probably be a Light or Medium Anti Tank Missile.
Here’s the gatling secondary. In Heavy Gear that would be a Medium Rotary Cannon most likely.
And the target sensor secondary. This could be a camera/target designator, but to my mind it also makes a fine laser weapon turret, so probably a Light Laser Cannon in Heavy Gear (a popular weapon on tanks in general in that setting).
Another nice little feature is the separate hatches.
Here’s a hatch on the Vombat turret in the closed position.
And in the open position, presumably to use with the various crew figures available in 15mm. Personally I’ll probably magnetise this so I can either have a closed hatch, or an extra bit like a ECM module or tertiary weapon.
This is the one piece where the overall quality was below standard. There are a few pits which need to be filled unless I simply paint them up as battle damage. I saw no such issues on any other piece though.
Enough of the Vombat, here’s the model which inspired me to buy some Neo-Sovs in the first place – the might Mammont heavy tank. This four tracked monster normally only comes with two barrels of a single type from the available three, but I spoke with the proprietor of Brigade and they added the option to purchase the other types as extras, just so I (and people like me who want to magnetise) could get them in my order. Now that’s a very nice personal touch!
As you can see the different barrels slot into the turret, so shouldn’t be hard to magnetise. When I field this model in Heavy Gear I might even allow it to have two differing barrels at once, giving it more firing options.
Here’s the chunky Kunitsa APC, clearly inspired by the classic M113 style. As you can see the ‘secondary’ turret is actually the primary weapon for this one.
Little tip – if you buy the Kunitsa Mortar vehicle instead of the APC it’s identical except you also get this optional front mounted mortar piece. Another bit I’ll be magnetising.
The Kunitsa comes with the same cool backdoor/ramp as the Vombat, but it also has doors that open out from the top, which is cool. Here they are closed.
And open.
Here’s a quick size comparison shot. From the left we have a 10mm Pendraken M113, a 10mm dropzone commander APC, a 12mm Badger APC from Heavy Gear Blitz, then the 15mm Kunitsa. Working in the 12mm scale I think the Kunitsa is a great size for a heavy duty APC.
Finally here’s the little all-metal Laska Tankette. In 15mm I assume this is either a single person vehicle or maybe a drone, but in 12mm it makes a fine little light tank.
Here it is compared with the smallest Heavy Gear light tank, the Klemm. In Heavy Gear I figure the Laksa will be a single action model similar to the titular Gear fighting walkers in combat power. One of the nice things about getting vehicles from a bigger scale is dinky little tankettes become more substantial tanks!
Finally here’s a shot of the Mammont and Vombat packed away next to an Aller heavy tank and Klemm light tank from Heavy Gear. You can see that these heavy duty 15mm vehicles are absolute monsters at 12mm scale and will have to be statted out appropriately!


Overall I’m very happy with my order and would continue to recommend Brigade to any 15mm Sci-Fi gamer, as well as any 12mm or even 10mm Sci-Fi enthusiast looking for some really beefy and affordable vehicles.

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