Heavy Gear Drake Gearstrider – Variants

I saw someone on one of the Heavy Gear Facebook groups ask about how to assemble the variants for the Southern Drake Gearstrider and since I have mine magnetised so it can be any variant, I offered to take some pictures. Here they are:

Here’s the Drake with nothing magnetised attached, and with the magnetised components laid out. They are a HRC, linked HRL, linked MLC, HGL, HBZ, linked MRP, and MABM.

More pictures after the jump.

Here’s the ‘default’ Drake loadout with its bazooka. Note it has the MABM chest mounted and nothing in the other breast slot.
Here’s the ‘Hooded’ variant with its linked laser cannon and again the single MABM.
Here’s the unusual ‘Blazing’ variant which has a linked heavy rotary laser and an additional heavy grenade launcher in its shield hand. None of the other variants have the grenade launcher. That said, it doesn’t have the MABM, so both breast slots are empty.
Here’s the ‘Command’ variant with heavy rotary cannon and the single MABM. I could have magnetised the electronics ‘blade’ sticking up from the shoulder, but I decided I liked how that looked so I left it on for all variants. Plus you can tell a Command Drake by its use of the HRC.
If you use the anti-gear upgrade then you get to swap your single MABM for these two linked medium rocket packs. Obviously they go in the two breast slots. Because the blazing variant doesn’t have a MABM it can’t buy this upgrade.

And that’s the lot. Oh and yes, my Drake has a Jager head, not its regular head. I lost the regular head and I prefer the Jager one anyway!

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