Black Mamba No. 2 (a lot from someone else)

Me again!

A while ago I bought a collection of Heavy Gear minis from a very nice fellow by the name of Guillaume. The minis were clearly quite lovingly painted and very nicely based too. He also sent me, for free, a bunch of Heavy Gear parts and even a couple of models he hadn’t assembled.

I don’t mind having and playing with models that other people have painted at all, the only downsides for me were A) they were based on hex bases, which I dislike and don’t use and B) they weren’t magnetised and I like to magnetise so I can pick between the many variants Heavy Gear Blitz tends to offer for each model. The second point wasn’t really a problem as I don’t have to magnetise EVERY model, but for me it’s important that the bases match the rest of my minis (and I really don’t like hex bases at all), so I knew I’d have to do some rebasing and some touchup work.

Working on these already nicely painted models is actually quite a pleasant break from painting a model entirely from scratch, as it takes less time but I still then feel some creator’s attachment to the rebased and slightly altered model. It’s also quite enjoyable to sort of mimic someone else’s style when doing the touchup work.

Here’s the latest, which I rebased, magnetised, gave a shield, and gave a light rocket pack instead of the medium one, since that’s the standard loadout for the Mamba. I will be fielding him as an Eastern Sun Emirates (think sci fi Saudi Arabia) Combat Group Leader or Duellist.

The design on the shield is the faction symbol for the Eastern Sun Emirates – a 12 pointed Sun. It was a bit of a pain to paint but I’m fairly satisfied with the result, even if it’s rough in places. I might tidy it up a little or add more blacklining in the future.

More pictures after the jump.

The base is an MDF round with several layers of cork built up as rocks, some citadel Martin Ironcrust and Martian Ironearth technical paint, and a bit of static grass, plus highlights etc. I think it turned out fairly nicely. Usually I wouldn’t have the gear sat up on an elevated perch, but for special models like Duellists it helps them stand out.
The already painted model’s stance was a bit off but it was nothing an extra bit of cork rock under his rear wheel couldn’t fix. He ended up looking like he’s about to spring forward into action.
Another shot of the shield. It’s magnetised to his forearm so could be replaced with a different shield, gadget, or weapon.
View from above. I just noticed a bit of paint has flaked off the rocket pack. I’ll have to fix that! One of the nice things about taking pics of a model in a lightbox is it makes some defects that escaped my notice much more evident. Well, I say nice,….
Here you can see the three magnetised points. One forearm and both hands.
And here’s an example of a different loadout he could go with as a Duellist, showing twin melee weapons.



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