Pitbull gear in Peace Officer Corps paint scheme

Another quick post with a model I’ve finished painting this evening. The Pitbull is a cheap and cheerful light trooper gear made by Paxton Arms of the Peace River city state in the Heavy Gear setting. It’s used by many groups, but is most famously deployed by the Peace Officer Corps of Peace River, who are basically a highly militarised police force.

I started painting this ages ago and since I’ve recently been trying to finish up models I’d started painting then stopped, it was an obvious choice. The sculpt for this one was a bit gnarly so I didn’t exactly go all out – I just wanted it to look decent, which I think I accomplished.

More pictures after the jump.

After I read a recent post on a Heavy Gear facebook group I decided to give him a nonstandard LAC, which I actually cut off an old Warzone plastic model.

Although the base doesn’t look a great colour match in these photos to my eye it’s similar enough that it gives the impression of matching. I’ve done this with all my POC bases so far.
The mat he’s standing on is a tile from the Dropzone Commander cityscape, which is a brilliant terrain purchase and a perfect environment for these police dudes.
Not my neatest work but I’m generally happy with him.
This is the gun I snipped off a plastic Warzone trooper. Looks pretty decent as an alternative LAC.
A group shot of the tree POC minis I’ve painted thusfar. A Mustang, a Pitbull, and a Spitz Monowheel.

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