Northern Mammoth strider painted!

I’ve recently been trying to stick to a habit of painting for at least 15 minutes every evening at about nine twenty. Having this time when I know I’ll be doing some painting while talking to a friend over Skype who encourages me has allowed me to get quite a few models painted up over the past few months. By far the slowest progress of these was on this model, the all metal Mammoth Strider for Heavy Gear Blitz. This is partly because it’s larger than most models I paint, but partly because it’s such a heavy miniature (it’s completely solid pewter) that I found handling it quite tricky and I was often rubbing paint off by accident.

Anyway I’m very glad it’s done and while it’s painted to a slightly lower standard than some of my models, I’m happy with how it turned out.

Read the full post for more pictures.

Front view, a sight you would definitely not want to see as an enemy gear pilot. Huge slabs of armour and massive firepower. Nasty.
Unlike the vast majority of my models, this one has no magnetisation at all. That’s because I bought an old Tactical Era Mammoth kit, so it didn’t come with a variety of options and even if it did they’d all be super heavy solid white metal!
The snub cannon on the left arm is precise and, in the Brigand Rules, one of the most damaging weapons in the game, capable of annihilating targets that don’t have extremely heavy armour in one shot.
I’m not completely happy with the rear view – I think overall I did a lower quality paint job here, and I’m not super happy with the solid blue rear hatch.
The massive Heavy Anti Tank arm gives the Mammoth a great mid range weapon against any target and allows it to pair with recon models to benefit from target designation.
I always like to include a group shot for scale. Regular human infantry at the fore, then Mammoth, Grizzly, Tiger, Hunter, and Bobcat from left of image to right.

5 thoughts on “Northern Mammoth strider painted!”

  1. wow very good job Baconradar, just a question how big is the tactical model to the current Resin/metal kits inDp 9 store. I was in a shop once and an old HG player said my scimitar gear striders was the same size as a tactical-era cheetah?


    1. It’s actually almost exactly the same dimensions. I believe there are some very slight differences.

      The player in the shop was referring to the RAFM era, which came before the Tactical era and was at a different scale, about twice the size (1/87 I think?). In that scale a Cheetah would, for instance, be something like 50mm tall, rather than 30mm. So closer to a Cataphract or Drake than a normal gear. Tactical era gears were actually a tiny bit smaller than the modern Blitz era gears and had less size difference between light, regular, and heavy gears. They also have quite small weapons – so a LAC is maybe 2/3rds the size of the Blitz era one. Thus when I assemble tac era minis I usually swap out their small weapons for Blitz ones.


      1. Oh thanks Baconradar, I didn’t know that. Just one last question RAFM era, I haven’t heard that time scale of Heavy gear.


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