Another Fer De Lance for my Honour Guard

Hi all

I’ve been continuing with my good habit of doing 15-30 mins of painting almost every evening at a specific time, as I chat with a friend before she goes to sleep.

This has resulted in a slow, relaxed process of painting minis that I’d previously primed and had been intending to paint for ages.

The latest of these is another Fer De Lance (my third) for my SRA Honour Guard in their purple, grey, and white scheme. He’s magnetised so I can deploy him as the stock, Slashing, or Force variant as I wish. He’s set up as the Slashing variant (with the powerful Medium Anti Tank Missile) here:


Read on to see the other variants and a group shot of my Honour Guard.

Here’s the stock loadout, the MATM swapped for the lighter LATM.


Here’s the Force variant with the ridiculously devastating Terra Novan Pulse Laser and no shoulder mounted missiles. Note because I magnetised both hands he can swap his gun and sabre over.
Another angle on the Force variant.
Finally a nice group shot of the Honour Guard so far. 3 Fer De Lance, 1 Gila, 1 King Cobra, 1 Diamondback. I plan to add another Gila and some Sidewinders in the near future.


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