Iguana recon/electronic warfare gear

Oh I didn’t see you there. You’ve caught me writing a blog addressed directly to you, opening it with a traditional ironic youtuber opening.

This week I’ve painted my first Iguana, something I took aaaages to get around to doing considering the Iguana, Jager, Black Mamba, and Spitting Cobra are the four iconic gears of the Southern military.

I’m very happy I’ve now painted at least one of each and it’s interesting to see how my style has changed over the years I’ve been painting minis (how long is it now,.. four years?)

Pics after the jump.

Oops, bit too much of a close up there. I like how he turned out and he was pretty easy and relaxing to paint.
I’m not entirely happy with my higlighting and shading of the shoulder pads, but I like how bright red they are, and perfect is the enemy of good when it comes to painting.
Rear view. I like how dynamic the leg pose of this casting is. Reflects the agility of the gear pretty well.
The lens and the hazard striping on the rocket pack always help bring together a fairly two-tone colour scheme right at the end. It’s amazing how much of a difference these accent colours make.
From left to right the Iguana, Jager, Black Mamba, and Spitting Cobra. That Cobra was actually the first Heavy Gear model I painted and the first miniature I painted in my adult life (I did a few minis in my childhood). It’s interesting to see how much my style has changed from the Cobra, to the Jager, to the recent Mamba and Iguana.

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