Pair of vehicles to start a Jotunheim force

It’s Easter weekend and I’ve just been finishing off a couple of models before heading out for a nice lunch.

These are the first 15mm scale models I’ve painted for use with my 12mm scale Heavy Gear stuff and I’m very pleased with how they came out. I bought them from Brigade’s wonderful Neo Soviet line a while ago, not completely sure what I’d do with them but with a rough idea to add a Jotunheim force to Heavy Gear. Jotunheim is a lost colony planet we know very little about other than that it was purchased by a collection of private individuals rather than an organisation or nation, and that despite looking on the surface like a fairly primitive herding society, it had a high-tech military which crushed the first attempt by the Colonial Expeditionary Force to ‘retake’ it for Earth.

I decided that I’d take aesthetic inspiration from soviet bloc style armed forces, but that the political culture of Jotunheim would be socialism and they would become involved in the CEF’s war with Terra Nova to fight the fascist Earthers but also eventually overthrow the various awful Terra Novan governments.

The first two models I’ve painted are both going to be APCs, a theme I’ve decided on for the faction. The first is the Nidhogg light transport, which will only be able to carry a single team and has a single magnetised turret hardpoint (which can take a rotary cannon, AT missile launcher, or a pulse laser so far).


The second vehicle is a much larger APC, huge for 12mm scale really, the Jormungand. This beast will be able to carry 3 full squads of infantry or 6 teams. I’m also thinking of making it able to transport a single small vehicle. It has a single turret hardpoint same as the Nidhogg, but also a front facing heavy field mortar or heavy rocket pod (magnetised for options as usual).


I’m really happy with how both turned out and I was pleased how nice the very simple technique I used for the window at the front of the Jormungand looks.

Here’s a shot with a Heavy Gear Jager and some 12mm infantry for scale.


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