About the blog

This blog was pretty much conceived as a way for both of us to share pictures of our painting projects with others. It’s also obviously a good way to share more longform writing projects, articles, and opinions, plus reviews of cool miniatures, painting tools, games etc that we want to enthuse about.

In time we hope this will become a fairly rich trove of resources and light reading for other gaming enthusiasts. It’s fun to share and it’s fun to see what other people with the same hobbies are up to and exchange ideas, after all.

About Baconradar

Hello! I’m Baconradar. I’m an Oxford, UK based 33 year old who enjoys gaming, be it boardgames, wargames, roleplaying, CCGs, or videogames. I generally prefer sci-fi over fantasy or historical, but I’ll pretty much give anything a try.

I’ve been a big fan of the Heavy Gear setting ever since playing the first Heavy Gear game on PC and really fancied getting into the tabletop game, but until the recent development of the Living Rulebook I thought the rules were far too complex, fiddly, and just not conducive to actual fun, so I didn’t own any miniatures. Since the release of the LRB I’ve bought and painted quite a few and I’m quick to recommend them.

I’m also a house rabbit enthusiast with 2 lovely bunnies to keep me busy and bother me for attention (treats and strokes!) while I paint.

Recently I’ve been looking at 15mm sci-fi miniatures with an eye to using them in the Heavy Gear Blitz LRB system and I’ve also bought some 10mm Napoleonics to paint and potentially play with.

This is me!



About Olaf Davis

I live in London where I collect degus and miniatures of various types. Like Bacon the game I’ve played most is Heavy Gear, after he got me some minis as a present. I also have a load of 40K minis – I love the setting and the aesthetics of it, but I’m not too keen on the game itself. Recently I’ve started collecting 10mm Napoleonics and I’m investigating rules systems so we can try some of that.

I’m also into paper-and-pen RPGs, and I’m currently running a game of White Wolf’s Hunter (though heavily modified). Some of my favourite games are Microscope, Hunter, Demon, and Apocalype World and its various off-shoots (particularly Night Witches). Bacon and I are working on writing an RPG, which we might talk about here sometimes.