Village Attacks GIMP resources for making custom Monsters and Heroes

Hello all

Recently a Kickstarter for a fun co-op or single player game has fulfilled: namely Village Attacks. My Duck Brother and I had been looking forward to it arriving for a long time and though we have yet to play a game of it together I’ve had some games with other people and found it to be really great.

But since I can’t play any game without wanting to make mods or variants for it, it’s awesome that Grimlord Games provided some assets to allow people like me to add new Monsters and Heroes to the game. Only snag is those assets were very much in a Photoshop only format. A lot of people don’t own Photoshop and can’t justify getting it for something like this (it’s expensive!) so I’ve converted the resources to GIMP, which is a handy dandy image editor available for free.

Anyway once you have GIMP, you can get the custom resources here. Note that there are some fonts you’ll need to install to use the text fields I’ve set up. I’ve layered things in a way that should make it fairly easy for people to come up with their own content. The only thing that’s missing is the dashboard back, because I can’t find the correct font that Grimlord used. Hopefully I’ll have that up for you in the future.

If you have any questions about how the use the resources, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Oh and here’s a couple of examples of the kind of thing you can make with these files!

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Rising Sun boardgame – Komainu painted

Hello all

A long while ago my duck brother and I backed the Cool Mini or Not Rising Sun Kickstarter and a not so long time ago all the lovely minis etc arrived. Until now I’d been holding off on painting anything, but my bro inspired me to get cracking so I picked the Komainu, which is pretty much the same as the Chinese Shishi, a sight I was rather fond of when I lived in Shijiazhuang.

Here he is, pictures taken in my newly bought lightbox:


In game he’s a fairly cheap Monster, but can act as a priest to help gain favour from the Kami, so he’s versatile and useful throughout the game.

Duck Brother Day Skirmish!

This weekend my esteemed Brother Duck came to visit. Many games were played and much fun was had. We hadn’t had a chance to hang out in person for a while and it was really nice to just chill and enjoy some gaming.

First my Duck Bro, his girlfriend, and I played the Warhammer Quest Card Game (by Fantasy Flight), which I’m generally very impressed with. It reminds me of Death Angel (also by FF) in that they’ve managed to capture the feel of a specific miniature game very well with just cards in different stacks. It’s quite similar to the LOTR co-op living card game (another FF product) but it’s easier to understand what’s happening and why.

Overall definitely a co-op game I’d recommend. It’s got a fair bit of depth and replayability and it’s pretty cheap too at about £20-£25. Sadly the addon packs are extremely rare and expensive, but it’s a game I could imagine making my own addons for.

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28mm – Spartacus Board Game: Hammer Gladiator

I have recently purchased the board game Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery and its two expansions; The Serpents and the Wolf and The Shadow of Death.

The games come with some fairly nice 28mm (I think) scale gladiators made of what appears to be some sort of PVC mix. I decided to paint them – I have had absolutely no prior experience painting human fleshtones or historical figures, but I was relatively confident I could get them up to an OK standard for a boardgame.

Because I’m new to this I didn’t want to start with one of my favourite models, so I picked the chap with a hammer from the Serpents and the Wolf expansion. I reckon he turned out pretty good for a first effort!


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