Dominions 5 Mod: Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs


Another quick post about a mod adding a Warhammer nation to the PC strategy game Dominions 5.

My secret favourite Warhammer faction has always been Chaos Dwarfs, the cult status and often neglected child of the setting, which only ever got one sort of official army book and one sort of complete army book in a very rare supplement (the Tamurkhan book).

I always loved the silly big hatted little blighters though. So I had some fun doing their graphics for the Dominions 5 engine. Here’s a preview of graphics I created for the Chaos Dwarf nation mod. (By the way, the magenta bits are read as shadows by the game engine).

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Dominions 5 Mod: Warhammer Lizardmen

Hello all.

You may have noticed some recent posts going up from me and my duck brother about the PC game Dominions 5. Both of us are long time Dominions players – the series is an absolutely fantastic and incredibly deep and rich turn based PC strategy game which is also very much modification friendly.

The latest in the series, Dominions 5, was released quite recently and I’ve taken the opportunity to get back into modding it in a big way. It’s something I did a LOT of for Dominions 3 and 4 and has been a great source of enjoyment and creative output over the last decade or so.

Now much as I love the setting, factions, and lore in Dominions and as much as it has an absolute glut of content (there are approaching 100 nations in the game and thousands of units and spells) I have always liked making mod content based on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle series and adding it to the game. So that’s what I’ve been doing recently – bringing my old Warhammer nation mods up to date for the latest in the series.

The first of these I’d like to show off is the Lizardmen. For every nation I make I need to draw a lot of tiny little sprites to fit the Dominions graphical style and it’s actually a lot like painting miniatures. So here’s a preview of graphics I created for the Lizardman nation mod. (By the way, the magenta bits are read as shadows by the game engine).

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Dominions 5 Modding – Fort stats

This blog post is just a table of fort stats for Dominions 5 modding/mapping. If you aren’t interested in Dominions 5 modding or map making this will mean nothing to you, so move along! : ]

Click read more to see the table.

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Dominions 5 mod: Warhammer Beastmen

Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith is a 4X game in which you control one of many pretender gods vying to become the new supreme god of a fantasy world, and pitting nations of their worshippers against each other in their attempts to do so. I’ve been a fan of the series since Dominions 3 – Bacon Radar has been for a lot longer – and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy deep and complicated strategy games.

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