Village Attacks GIMP resources for making custom Monsters and Heroes

Hello all

Recently a Kickstarter for a fun co-op or single player game has fulfilled: namely Village Attacks. My Duck Brother and I had been looking forward to it arriving for a long time and though we have yet to play a game of it together I’ve had some games with other people and found it to be really great.

But since I can’t play any game without wanting to make mods or variants for it, it’s awesome that Grimlord Games provided some assets to allow people like me to add new Monsters and Heroes to the game. Only snag is those assets were very much in a Photoshop only format. A lot of people don’t own Photoshop and can’t justify getting it for something like this (it’s expensive!) so I’ve converted the resources to GIMP, which is a handy dandy image editor available for free.

Anyway once you have GIMP, you can get the custom resources here. Note that there are some fonts you’ll need to install to use the text fields I’ve set up. I’ve layered things in a way that should make it fairly easy for people to come up with their own content. The only thing that’s missing is the dashboard back, because I can’t find the correct font that Grimlord used. Hopefully I’ll have that up for you in the future.

If you have any questions about how the use the resources, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Oh and here’s a couple of examples of the kind of thing you can make with these files!

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Troll Dice Roller for Heavy Gear Blitz

After some recent discussion of how significant various stat increases are in Heavy Gear Blitz I went and made some scripts in Troll Dice Roller.

Troll Dice Roller is an online (and downloadable) application for simulating large numbers of dice rolls in various gaming systems, as well as providing the probability of certain outcomes mathematically rather than by brute force.

You can find it online here:

If you look under the user-contributed rolls, near the bottom, you’ll find two that I wrote, with parts taken and modified from other dice rolling scripts, especially a pre-existing Heavy Gear Blitz one (which is still on the list).

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