Penthouse flat for Cinnamon Bun

A couple of weeks ago our beloved house rabbit Ogedai Pogedai sadly passed away, reducing our household Bunnyguard to a single member, Cinnamon Buckaroo Thundermouse Bun (Cinnybun usually).

Because she isn’t terribly interested in being free range (or doing exercise in general) and is quite long in the tooth at nine years old, we decided to move her into a penthouse flat, freeing up her previous ground floor residence for a new pair we have adopted. She’ll still come out in the evenings for some exercise, but generally she likes to stay in her own house where she feels safe. Meanwhile the new pair will have free range over the living room from their ground floor flat.

Here’s a little video showing off the penthouse and the as yet unfurnished ground floor. I can’t get it to embed properly, but anyway, it’s here.

And here are some pictures.

I’ll post up some pictures of the new pair when we pick them up from the rescue home in about a week’s time. They’re ridiculously cute.